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Over 27 years in Montenegro


Željko Vidaković

Director General, graduated engineer of Agronomy.

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The Company Ekoplant was established in 1991 year and for 20 years has successfully produced fruit trees, ornamental trees and also provided services of designing and engineering in horticulture.


If you need skillful technical assistance  in designing and arranging of your garden, our engineering team who went through specialized trainings, seminars and symposiums, are always at your service.

Professional staff

At our disposal we have skillful staff (4 engineers of horticulture and agriculture, one economist, 14 exercised workers with experience for works in nursery production).

Capacity of nursery

Nursery production in “Ekoplant” is made on 25 ha of open field and 5000m2 in green houses in several regions of Montenegro.

Production regions


Bottles and open space

Central region  – covering over 8.5 ha open field in Podgorica and 5000m2 green houses.
Production is performed in three modern greenhouses, with rooting cuttings, and production from the seeds in specialized chamber with controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.



South region 

4 ha of open field in hinterland of Long beach in Ulcinj where Mediterranean Ornamental and Fruit Plants are produced.



This year we opened one more production part on 11 ha in the village of Potrk (municipality of Bijelo Polje) on 1,040 m above the sea level, where motherplants of raspberry and blueberry are planted, such as experimental field of: raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, currents, apple, pear, quince, sweet and sour cherry, plum.
There are 2 ha of motherplants raspberry and blueberry in the village of Lijeva Rijeka on 1,200m above the sea level.
There is experimental field of raspberries with 19 leader varieties (summerfruiting and primocane).

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    Veliše Popovića 37,
    Settlement Tološi 20000 Podgorica


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    +382 20 281010
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    +382 69 105 000

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